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About us

WriteAboutUs helps businesses to measure customer satisfaction and improve online brand awareness by inviting customers to give feedback and only inviting happy customers to leave reviews on important review sites.

In return, customers are entered into a WriteAboutUs prize draw.

We are not a review site!

People come to WriteAboutUs to write feedback not read it.  The feedback is only seen by the business. 

Why WriteAboutUs?

There are many online surveys and review sites, so what's different about WriteAboutUs?

WriteAboutUs encourages customers to provide meaningful feedback about their experience before inviting them to write a review on a review site.

Review sites are an important indicator of customer satisfaction, but they may not provide measurable and meaningful customer insights. They are also permanent; so bad reviews stay for everyone to see. 

Why would you invite a customer to write an online review unless you were confident that they had had a good experience?

For multi-location brands, service levels can vary throughout the country, as can customer expectations. What may be considered good service in one part of the country could be considered poor elsewhere; Automatically inviting every customer to write an online review could expose service shortfalls in different parts of the country which can damage the brand.  

It's therefore important to identify unhappy customers and address their issues before inviting them to write a review.

Multi-location businesses need a satisfaction survey that:

  • Encourages measurable and actionable customer feedback.
  • Enables locations to be measured and compared.
  • Identifies unhappy customers with a view to addressing their issues.
  • Identifies and flags location specific issues.
  • Invites happy customers to write reviews on meaningful review sites.

WriteAboutUs does this by providing a mechanism and an incentive for customers to complete a structured survey before being pointed to a review sites to write a free form review.

The incentive for a customer to complete a longer satisfaction survey is a large prize draw!


For more information please call 01273 987498 or email us at info@mishoplocal.co.uk 

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